Kumiko MacInnes

Marketing Consultant


Kumiko first fell in love with the UK when she visited as a home-stay student back in 1970, staying with a family in the city of Lincoln.  She was struck by the warmth and kindness shown to her at that time and her experience had a profound influence on the direction of her life. 

Kumiko was to return to the UK almost a decade later in 1979, with her English husband and young family. In addition to raising a family, she has built her professional life around her vision of introducing English language and culture to young Japanese visitors. 

“…truly learning a language is about experiencing the life and culture of those that speak it.  Language is not just a tool for a communication, it’s a doorway to greater intercultural understanding…” 

Kumiko has been working at CHE for more than 17 years during which she influenced the lives of not only countless young Japanese people but of British host families wishing to open their homes to Japanese visitors. 

Kumiko’s children have long since left the family home, but she is kept busier than ever with another great love of her life; her pet dogs!  She is a devoted mother to a Jack Russell named Suki and has even taught her to understand Japanese!