About CHE

About CHE

CHE specialise in providing educational programmes for Japanese High Schools and individuals visiting the UK and Ireland.

CHE was established in May 1991 as ‘Cultural Homestay in Europe Ltd’.  During the past three decades CHE has developed from a local family-run business to a nation-wide network of Group Coordinators and we now offer study programmes in more than 18 separate areas across the UK and Ireland.

In January 2020 ‘Cultural Homestay in Europe Ltd’ re-launched as ‘CHE Intercultural Exchange Ltd’.  CHE works closely with ISA Inc, a Japanese company developed by Mr Masaru Kurahashi in 1970 to promote global education by providing young Japanese people with global learning experiences.

Whilst the business has grown, CHE has not lost sight of the founding principle which makes its programmes a success – our focus on the needs of each individual student.  A small office team maintains the intimacy of the family-run business upon which we were founded more than 30 years ago allowing our business to enjoy enduring relationships within the communities of our homestay areas.

We work closely with UK schools to promote opportunities for cultural exchange between Japanese and British students.  In some of the schools we work with this has formed an integral part of their Japanese language programme and has continued for many years.

CHE is compliant with new GDPR data protection EU legislation introduced in May 2018.  Please see details here: