Alex Brundle

Programme Coordinator

Alexander studied Chemistry at university. In his third year he studied abroad in the USA. This experience of living and studying abroad made him want to see more of the world. After this he returned to the UK to complete his Master’s degree. During this time through the University’s international department he helped a group of Japanese exchange students whilst they spent a month studying at his university.

After graduation Alexander decided to travel to Japan to teach English and to immerse himself in a different culture and language. He spent three years living in Tokyo teaching English to students in Elementary and Junior High Schools. He witnessed first-hand the enormous benefits of cultural exchange and how it can help bridge gaps between cultures around the world.

After returning to the UK Alexander wanted to continue working in a Japan related field in order to help enhance the relationship between Japan and the UK. He feels he’s found the perfect role as Programme Coordinator at CHE which allows him to utilise his knowledge of Japan and the UK to great effect.